Fernando Quevedo is the founder of Q Productions Las Vegas. Born in Argentina into a family of performers, Fernando spent the first part of his life in Europe. He made his stage debut at the age of 7. By the age of 9 he was performing for President Jimmy Carter. After receiving critical acclaim for his act, Los Huincas Gauchos, Fernando and his family moved to Las Vegas. It was here that Fernando cultivated his talents as a performer, music composer, writer, and choreographer. Along his many achievements, Fernando has composed music for the Las Vegas Civic Ballet as well as several production shows. He has a degree in film production from the Hollywood Film Academy and his short, Heartless, won an award at the New York International Film Festival. His specialty Act, Los Huincas Gauchos, received the Specialty Act Of The Year Award. Fernando’s stage productions include: Cirque ’84; Beats of Passion; Le Dinner Cabaret; Rhythm & Flair; Strip!; Las Vegas Nights; Holiday Dreams; ZzyZyx a Cirque Experience; ESC4P3 (Winner of 4 Premios Carlos - Argentina’s equivalent of the Tony Awards), Borealis and Viva Le Cirque! among others. He has produced and directed the entertainment portion of events for HP, WEBEC, SAP, Abbey Carpet, Best Buddies and Trace3.

Kelly Hamilton is the Production Manager and Creative Director  for Q Productions Las Vegas. Kelly's role is in all aspects of our projects. He background in dance and theater add to the overall vision of where our shows and projects should strive to be.

Kelly is a graduate of Florida State University Suma Cum Laude with honors in dance and choreography. She is also an accomplished laser programmer. Her development of laser manipulation performances and her laser act, Lady Light, led her to collaborate with Carnival Cruises on their new shows scheduled for the new fleet of ocean liners.

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