About Our Shows



We are a show creation company. We separate ourselves from the pack by creating shows that are unique and offer more to audiences than traditional shows. We incorporate holograms, projection mapping, interactive lasers and a modern aesthetic to each and everyone of our show creations. We believe in giving more than what the competition currently offers and in doing so provide great value to our clients.



Borealis, A Holiday Spectacle!


Borealis A Holiday Spectacle is the most modern and exciting holiday show to entertain audiences in recent years. Featuring projection mapping, holograms, lasers, colorful costumes and a modern soundtrack, Borealis sheds the tired all format of traditional holiday shows for a fresh and bold new take. Featuring an insanely talented cast of actors, dancers, acrobats and specialty acts, Borealis sold more than 30,000 tickets in just a few weeks!

Viva Le Cirque!


“Viva Le Cirque!” is a large-scale spectacular show starring today’s most amazing cirque artists. Featuring acrobats, gymnasts, aerialist, contortionists, hand balancers and daredevils, the show is a surreal voyage into the mind of a lost traveler who crash lands, of all places, inside a theater. After wandering about, he opens up a realm into his imagination and the audience is taken into one of the most exciting and surreal spectacles being staged today.



ESC4P3 is a new show billed as a digital adventure show. Following the premise of a man that is digitized into a video game world, ESC4P3 captures the zeitgeist of today’s digital lifestyle world. The show features an amazing display of projection mapping, holograms and staging that serves as a refreshing wave of new concepts and theatrics. Of course, all the technology in the world is not enough to carry a show and ESC4P3 features today’s top international artists in the arts of acrobatics, dance, multi-instrumentalism and performance art. ESC4P3 is a visual show suitable for all audiences and family friendly.

ZzyZyx, A Cirque Experience


ZzyZyx is composed of talented performers in the arts of acrobatics, percussion, aerial ballet, hand balancing, contortionism, dance and theater. With this amazingly talented cast at the core, ZzyZyx has developed into a showcase of today’s most awe-inspiring performers.


Centered around a whimsical story of a little girl who wants her father to read her a bed-time story, ZzyZyx is a colorful spectacle into another world.

Furia! A Heroic Cirque


"Furia! A Heroic Cirque Spectacle" is a family-friendly production show that features a cast of awe-inspiring superheroes that use their powers to fight supervillains who lurk at every corner. The show is a “high energy, humanly impossible show packed with jaw dropping action and infused with stunning visuals including projection mapping and lasers.”

Cirque '84


Cirque '84 is a whimsical time-travel cirque style show where a Mad Scientist conjures up some "Weird Science" and travels back in time to find (or rather 'chase') his high-school sweetheart (the alluring Lady in Red). Framed around the music of the 80s, Cirque '84 is a trip through memory lane where Nerds, Cheerleaders, Hair Rockers and New Wave characters are re-imagined by the talented cast of acrobats, aerialist, gymnasts and dancers.



We also develop custom shows and entertainment for corporations looking to provide an unforgettable experience for their event. Our shows can be themed around a message, brand or idea and it's the perfect offering for those companies wanting to inspire, motivate and supercharge their attendees. Among our world-class clients we count SAP, Trace3, Abbey Carpets and Costco among other.vv

When Trace3, a leading information company, turned to us to create a show for their award-ceremony and gala night in Las Vegas, we provided  an experience like no other. They needed to coordinate the elements of a gala dinner, an award-show ceremony, the message of the Trace3 corporation and evening entertainment. We wrote and produced a show that combined all those elements and to create an immersive experience. The results were an unforgettable evening for the attendees. We provided the cgi that wa used with projection mapping by our team in Barcelona, wrote a show that was themed to the client's needs and provided a production that left audiences on their feet.


Similarly, we can create any atmosphere that your company wants and provide any type of entertainment. Our expertise lies in our passion to stay at the forefront of what is technologically possible. Our talent is to listen to the client and its needs and deliver a power-punch of entertainment value.


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